Table d'hôtes & wine tasting evenings

Cooking is so important to me. It is an art that gives rise to so much pleasure and moments of sharing, that it is with pleasure that I welcome you as much as possible to my table.

My cooking is generous and homemade.

The format is simple, the dish is 16 € (except meals with supplement).
For this price, I offer you the aperitif and the single main course.

Still and sparkling water are offered. If you would like to consume wine, beer or any other drink, please do not hesitate to ask me.
I will also be able to advise you on wine if needed.

Dessert is an option charged at € 6.
Let yourself be tempted, this is one of my favorite fields.

I regularly offer wine tasting evenings.
These are extraordinary moments, of sharing and discovery. On these occasions, I will not cook, so I will offer you a selection of cold meats (plain, smoked, truffled, etc.) and cheese (cow, goat, etc.) accompanied by our famous local wines.

Let yourself be guided through the sequences.
They are made to ensure a combination of tastes and flavors depending on the four to six wines you will taste.
This service is billed between 35 and 40 € per person depending on the number of guests.

You like the wines you have tasted and you want to return home with memories: do not hesitate to contact me to place your order.

You can find our selection of the best value for money on the following pages.